What is ”Product link” and how to earn money with it?

Product link is a link from which you can earn a percentage of sales from any product on aliexpress.com.

If you have a social network or channel on youtube.com and you do or are going to do reviews on products from aliexpress.com, then why do it for free?

To Start earn money with product link is very simple:

1. Decide which product you want to review. Go to the page of this product on aliexpress.com and copy the link.

2. Register on our partner site: http://partner.aliprice.com/. After registration, on your page you will find the line "Aliexpress Product URL" Insert the link that you copied into it, on the right side there will be your already prepared product link.

3. Your affiliate link is ready for use. Do more product reviews on aliexpress.com and use your links in the description to earn more money!

On our website you can track the number of users who bought the product or clicked on the link! P.s It is not necessary for the user to buy this product, if he will click on your link, but he will buy another product, you will also receive a commission from the purchased product!

What is a invite link to extension and how can you make money with this? With invite link, you can also earn a percentage of sales on aliexpress.com without a product review, if your users will install our extention through your affiliate link, you will get commission every time they buy on aliexpress.com.

To get your affiliate link to an extension, you must:

1.Sign up on our partner site: http://partner.aliprice.com/.

2. Ready! Your link will appear in your personal account!

3. Invite more users and friends to install our extension through your link to receive a commission every time they make purchases on aliexpress.com! On our site you can see how many users you invited , how many installations you have and how much mony you made!